TST Tastefully Blends Beverage Flavors With Space Savings

lancer tst

Say goodbye to cluttered countertops with tea pots, sugar bowls, bowls of lemon slices, and other flavor additives thanks to Lancer’s new TST (TouchScreen Tower). This attractive, illuminated dispensing tower pours teas, sweeteners, juices and other flavor additives in a modest 9.3” x 16.3” footprint. Its user-friendly digital touchscreen allows you to create unique and delightful flavor blends that cater to your personal preferences.

With up to 10 valve modules, TSTs flexibility allows you to easily launch and test new beverage campaigns, like summer flavors, winter spices, or the newest trendy sweetener, without removing your best sellers. Plus, the elegant style and customizable lighting patterns beautifully showcase your brands and create enticement.

I’m sold on this sweet dispenser and think you’ll love it too!

For more information on the TST contact Lancer at (888) 846-6729 or visit lancercorp.com.

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