Beverage Dispenser Maintenance Keeps Customers Coming Back

They say you don’t realize how messy your home is until you’re expecting guests. The dishes might be done and the carpets vacuumed, but suddenly you recognize dust and clutter and splatters in places you hadn’t even noticed.

The same holds true for your restaurant. Although cleaning never ends in a restaurant, sometimes it’s not as thorough as it should be — and the last thing you want is for your guests to notice.

One particular area of concern is your soft drink dispenser. As one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment, the high traffic and sticky syrup can cause the nozzles and complex web of tubes to look dingy and grimy. Syrup-coated nozzles, stained hoses, and fingerprint-smudged labels and levers are all visible to customers and can leave guests with a negative perception of your business.

Nozzles, labels and levers

There is no such thing as being too thorough and every closing checklist should include a thorough cleaning of the beverage dispenser.

  • -Detach the nozzle components and wash them in warm water and mild detergent followed by a liberal rinsing.

  • -Never soak nozzles in bleach as it may deteriorate the nozzle material.

  • -Make sure to remove any syrup caking or stickiness.

  • -Next, wipe down the levers and product labels with warm water and detergent. (Turning off key switch (if applicable) or unplugging unit will prevent dispensing drinks during this step.)

Syrup tubes

Take particular care that the syrup tubes are periodically cleaned, and run smoothly into the soft drink dispenser.

A trained service agent is recommended for periodic cleaning. They can suggest the cleaning and sanitizing frequency based on your product line-up and usage.

Syrup boxes

In addition to keeping everything clean, be sure to keep the beverage dispenser area neat and clutter-free.

  • -Rinse BIB connector in cup of warm water each time box is changed.

  • -Make sure that the bag-in-boxes (BIBs) are stored off the floor to protect them from moisture.

  • -Keep the BIBs well organized so that replacing finished packages is simple.

  • -Ensure that your syrup is not expired by checking the printed expiration dates on the BIBs. (BIB shelf life is approx. 90 days)

CO2 system

Keeping the CO2 system running steadily will prevent unforeseen breakdowns in the carbonation delivery to your soft drink dispenser.

  • -Make sure that the CO2 cylinder of is always in an upright position and always chained in place for security. Storing the cylinder horizontally can cause pressure issues that may damage the cylinder.

  • -Always keep an extra cylinder on hand and replace your cylinder when the P.S.I. drops below 400 lbs.

  • -Keep the cylinder’s valve handle all the way open at all times to prevent leakages. (If any CO2 leaks are detected, evacuate the area immediately and call a qualified soft drink service agent to make repairs.)

  • -Once CO2 regulators are set by a trained service agent, do not readjust the regulator settings. Changing settings will alter the taste (syrup content) and carbonation levels of drink.

Your restaurant customers are guests that you want to come back over and over again. By keeping your drink area and beverage dispenser thoroughly clean, neat and organized, you’ll be sure your beverages are always fresh and tasty, and that the customer always sees your best side.

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