Cheers to New Beer Laws!

You could practically hear the collective clink of glasses toasting the recent victory for craft beer breweries and beerpubs — and their fans. The Senate last month passed hard-fought-for laws that give brewpubs and breweries greater opportunity to get their product into more consumer’s hands … and mouths.

Bill 515 allows brewpubs to sell their products to distributors to sell on store shelves or distribute a limited amount (1,000 of their 10,000 barrels) themselves. Bill 518 allows breweries that produce less than 225,000 barrels to offer sales of their products for on-premise consumption. (Breweries are prohibited from selling their products in to-go bottles at their location to be consumed off premises, however.)

With the passage of the so-called Texas Freedom Beer laws, many local breweries are giving up their brewery license in favor of a brewpub license. With a brewpub license, they can take advantage of all avenues to reach fans: they can sell to distributors, sell their products for on-premises consumption and offer consumers the opportunity to buy bottles to take home.

The new laws also mean local pubs can finally support their local breweries. Before the new laws, local pubs could buy and serve craft beer from other states, but it was illegal for them to serve beer made at the brewery down the street or across town.

Although paperwork still has to go through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission before pubs can start selling your favorite craft beer, it gives pubs and brewpubs plenty of time to get their Lancer beer dispensing equipment primed and ready to pour.

For an overview of how the new laws are affecting Austin breweries, click here.
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