Top 5 Things Consumers Look for in a To-Go Beverage

Think back… When was the last time you were in a car that didn’t have cup holders? If you were, it had to be a classic.

People take their to-go beverages pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that one automobile maker told a group of auto writers that — in addition to researching engine specifications, seat design and airbag placement for their newest model — they had sent a team out to gather cups from fast-food restaurants and convenience stores to be sure their cup holders could accommodate the majority of to-go cups.

Service industry research shows there are five things consumers look for in a to-go beverage:

1. Properly carbonated soda

This one’s a no-brainer. When you’ve been looking forward to that crisp, refreshing, thirst-quenching tingle, there’s nothing more disappointing than flat or almost-flat soda. If it’s not properly carbonated, it’s not really soda, is it?

2. At least 20 oz.

Remember when sodas came in 10-ounce and 12-ounce sizes? There’s a reason they come in bigger sizes now — 10 and 12 ounces just doesn’t do the trick.

3. Well-fitting lid with a tall-enough straw

Getting that perfect ratio of ice to soda is an art. You concentrate intently as the ice rumbles into the cup, peering in at regular intervals to be sure you’ve got just the right amount before you allow your favorite soda to flow in.

Now for the lid. Pick the right size. Press it on carefully. Looks nice and secure. Grab a straw and head for the cash register.

On your way to the car, you slide the straw in to take your first sip… and the straw keeps sliding down till it’s barely peeking out of the lid. Every time you take a drink, you’re going to have to press your face against the lid and wrestle with that short straw!

Then as you ease into the car with your masterpiece of refreshment, it happens: the lid pops up in one little area and your soda splatters all over the cupholder, the seat, the floor, everywhere!


You vow: Next time you’re going back to the other store with the tight lids and the good straws.

4. Chewable ice that absorbs the flavor of the soda

Speaking of that perfect ice-to-soda ratio. Isn’t it awesome when you find a store or restaurant that has that “chewy” ice? It’s like dessert at the end of a meal when you finish a delicious soda and you still have a cup full of chewable ice that tastes like your favorite soda.

Lancer Corporation’s Sensation Chewable Ice Beverage Dispenser, available to convenience stores, restaurants, stores and any establishment where fountain beverages are sold encourages consumers to “Get Your Crunch On!”

The Sensation was designed to dispense chewable ice reliably and hassle-free every time, with right-side ice delivery for more efficient dispensing and a high-capacity drip tray that reduces clean-up and avoids safety issues due to spills. It’s a fool-proof way for restaurants and stores to get customers coming in for something they can’t get just anywhere. People who love chewable ice will keep coming back for more if you give them the crave-worthy Sensation experience.

5. A sturdy cup that doesn’t fall apart

A well-fitting lid and tall-enough straw make no difference on a cup that’s so flimsy it can be crushed by the slightest grip. You need a cup that will still be holding tight when it comes time to crunch on that delicious chewy ice.


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