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4 of the Most Unique Drink Dispensers You Will See

Cold Drink Dispensers are known as a staple of businesses across the world. They provide patrons with cold goodness and businesses with more profit. Unfortunately, the standard look for cold drink dispensers can be a little boring and uninspired, compared to these!

(The best part is, some of these you can do by yourself at home)

1) The Rock Look

What’s great about these cold drink dispensers is that they can easily blend in with an outdoor vibe you may be trying to cultivate. If you are trying to establish a unique beachside theme, these rock dispensers can blend in nearly seamlessly.

2) The Watermelon Keg

Turning your watermelon into a cold drink dispenser is a cheap and easy way to get a unique feel for your party. Cut a lid from the top and scoop out the fruit, then drill a hole near the bottom, then use a knife to widen the hole until it’s slight smaller than a keg shank. Attach the shank, then fill the melon with whatever you want to serve!

3) R2D2

In the Star Wars films, R2D2 was essentially the handyman of the crew. Whenever someone needed something done, R2D2 was there to help. So it makes sense that someone would have crafted a drink dispenser based on the likeness of the popular character from Star Wars. It’s sure to be a point of conversation at parties where it makes an appearance.

4) The Driver

Isn’t it terrible when you are in the middle of a long 18-hole journey without something to drink? This is a creative and resourceful way to quench your thirst while on the links. You could really turn some heads if you were to not mention it initially and then pull it out on the eleventh hole when everyone is thirsty.

Cold Drink Dispensers do exactly what their name suggests, which is keeping drinks cold and dispensing them. They are an efficient way to keep the good times going in your business or backyard!

Lancer Pours More at Sochi

Lancer Europe is helping to ensure the SOCHI Winter Olympics in Russia have world class drink systems to make sure nobody gets thirsty. Lancer has provided the very latest in post mix dispensing equipment to venues around the Sochi Olympic zone. Top performance is guaranteed when it comes to drink systems in bars/cafes/hotels/gas stations where 85 Lancer dispensing machines are serving the games. Lancer’s main winners at Sochi are counter electric dispensers. The Olympics are a daunting challenge to those on the field and to those behind the scenes. But we’ve done our training. We have a track record. We put on a winning performance before at the Wembley Stadium and the London’s Lords Cricket Ground during the London Olympics in 2012. We are world leaders when it comes to serving huge crowds in an efficient, hospitable and profitable manner. So if this news inspires you to break new records, just contact us and we can get you going with tactical advice, commercial information and technical support.

Quick-Connect Beverage Dispenser Parts Reduce Waste

Beverage Dispenser Accessories

You wouldn’t purposely spill your beer on the ground (major party foul), but if you don’t have the latest quick-connect “fatlock” fittings from Lancer Corporation, this could be happening.

A beer system requires more than just the main components, and the experienced team at Lancer Beer Systems knows this. Lancer Corporation offers stainless steel quick-connect “fatlock” fittings for beer systems to reduce waste and keep your systems working hard, even when you don’t feel like it.

Aptly named, the quick-connect fittings allow bartenders, restaurant owners, stadium workers and anyone else who has enough manliness – or wo-manliness- to manage a Lancer beverage dispenser to easily connect or disconnect a beverage line or faucet without any product escaping. With a few flicks of the wrists, lines can be cleaned or moved. Less waste. Less hastle. More time to bring in money.

Because of the reduction in beverage spills, cleaning a line also becomes much more efficient, and can actually save businesses thousands of dollars every year. Cha-ching! If you haven’t picked up the phone to order your fittings yet, you should. 800-729-1500

After taking a look at the available beer systems and accessories, you will clearly see that Lancer Beer Systems has everything you need. As one client summed it up: “Lancer delivered more. We now have a high-quality, high-performance, easy-to-use low maintenance beer system that delivers in every aspect. The lifetime cost savings are important to us, and we believe we will recover the costs of this system very quickly. We are very pleased we decided on a Lancer Beer System.”

Pour More with Lancer.

Beverage Dispenser Accessories

Better-Tasting Draft Beer

Have you ever ordered your favorite beer on tap, taken that first couple of refreshing swigs and noticed that it doesn’t taste quite as good as it does when you drink it in bottled form? There’s a valid reason for that: poorly maintained and cleaned draft equipment and residue-laden beer glasses. That translates to disappointed customers and lower profits for pubs and restaurants.

The good news is there’s an easy remedy: By keeping draft equipment clean and well-maintained, retailers get happy, thirsty customers and lots of repeat business.

Draft system equipment (and beer glasses!) that are not properly cleaned will affect the taste of draft beer, whether it’s through the carbonation, temperature or actual flavor of the beer.

Flat beer

The flatness of beer can be traced back to the draft system’s pressurization. Pressurization with the proper level of CO2 must be used to deliver beer (that level differs for different types of beer, such as regular beer and nitro beer). Customers may not consciously notice the flatness of the beer they’re drinking, but they will notice a subtle taste difference and chances are they won’t order a second one.

Warm, foamy beer

Excessive foaming caused by warm kegs leads to wasted beer and profits down the drain. The keg may still feel cold to the touch, but even a temperature drop of a few degrees below the optimal 38 degrees F will cause excessive foaming.

That temperature rise can be caused by:

-Not cooling the kegs long enough (24 hours, at least)

-Heating the cooler up too much throughout the day with repeated door opening

-Not thoroughly cleaning the draft system cooling lines. Lines with buildup and deposits are unable to cool the beer effectively as it travels from the keg to the faucet.

Clean glasses

Pubs and restaurants understand the importance of clean dishes, but beer glasses need a special kind of clean. Beer glasses should always be cleaned with low-sudsing detergent and separately from dishes that have contained food or milk.

Even the slightest residue will result in beer bubbles clinging to the side of the glass in the liquid part of the beer below the head – a telltale sign that the glass is not as clean as it should be. The only thing left clinging to a beer glass should be the “lace” trail of the foam from the head.

Overall flavor

Insufficient carbonation, excessive foam and beer-glass residue are enough to subtly affect flavor and send customers (and profits) elsewhere. But worst-case scenario is draft equipment and delivery lines that are so in need of cleaning or are so old that they start to make beer actually taste noticeably bad.

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