Our History

Lancer’s engineers first introduced
our industry-leading beverage dispensing equipment over 45 years ago, in San Antonio, Texas. Over those four decades the Lancer name has been synonymous with quality. From our top-selling Ice Beverage Dispensers (IBD), to our patented valve technology, we are recognized worldwide as the leader in high-quality beverage dispensing solutions.

Throughout our history we have consistently exceeded customer expectations, delivering quality products, a passionate focus on innovation, and reliable engineering expertise. As our reputation for innovation grew, our business grew as well. Our ability to excel at delivering profitable, quality solutions continues to drive our success and our presence today as a globally recognized leader in the Beverage Dispensing industry.

These qualities led Hoshizaki Corporation to purchase Lancer Corporation in 2006. We are proud to be a member of the Hoshizaki Corporation, one of the world’s largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment. This partnership broadened Hoshizaki’s presence in the marketplace and paired Lancer with the world’s second largest manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. With sales of nearly $2 billion and a service network in over 60 countries, Hoshizaki has fueled Lancer Corporation’s growth and expanded our role as a global leader in Beverage Dispensing Equipment.


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