• NAFEM 2019 SpectraV Technology, Pours More Options 2/7/2019
    Lancer's Spectra VTM Technology, the innovation inside that dispenses a wider range of beverages.  Our new technology enables high viscosity products, expands high ratio mixtures, and dispenses alternative beverages.  Allowing you to serve a wider range of beverages.
  • What's New With Lancer - TwinPour 11/20/2018
    What’s New at Lancer:
    Lancer Corporation introduces TwinPour - our new beverage dispenser that serves TWO customers at a time in just 44 inches. Lancer’s TwinPour has dual-dispensing areas, each with their own ability to pour custom flavors and ice. TwinPour accommodates all ice types, serving 24 beverage brands and 8 bonus flavors. Two customers can choose from over 266 flavor combinations…all in 44 inches…all at the same time.
  • Lancer’s New TwinPour™ Pours More Profits at NACS 2018 10/8/2018
    Lancer Corporation is revealing their newest beverage dispenser that serves two customers at a time in 44 inches at NACS.
  • New President of Lancer Corporation 5/9/2018
    Lancer Corporation names E J Morrow as President, Morrow has assumed the leadership responsibilities for Lancer's operations worldwide and will also serve as President on its Board of Directors.
  • Lancer Cares About Your Future 3/8/2018
    Lancer Corporation is dedicated to consistently challenge its current state to deliver superior quality products that comply with all applicable environmental regulations.