Lancer Cares About Your Future

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Lancer Corporation is dedicated to consistently challenge its current state to deliver superior quality products that comply with all applicable environmental regulations.
Sustainability. It’s a word that’s used quite often these days. But what exactly does it mean? It can mean the ability to be maintained at a certain level. Or, it can mean avoiding the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. More recently, it has come to mean “meeting the needs of a present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” What does this have to do with Lancer Corporation and our customers?
At Lancer, we understand that helping to protect the earth’s environment is one of the largest factors regarding sustainability. Our quality and environmental policy clearly dictates that “Lancer will consistently challenge its current state to deliver superior quality products that comply with all applicable environmental regulations. With balance and integrity, Lancer will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations by maintaining careful stewardship of our natural resources through a process of pollution reduction.”

How do we do this? Lancer recycles 100% of all metal scrap including aluminum, copper, stainless steel and carbon steel. Additionally, we recycle cardboard, paper and broken wood pallets. Even our office and warehouse facilities have switched to LED lighting which consumes less energy and we recycle our test waters to mitigate sewage waste. To further improve and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, we are in the process of exploring new, innovative ways to recycle our plastic regrind which will result in reduced land-fill waste.

Our high-quality products are built with long lasting functionality due to our selection of premium materials, focus on superior product development, utilization of the latest technologies and the commitment of highly skilled employees to do their best. We only manufacture the products our clients want and do not use up resources to create more inventory than is necessary, therefore reducing any negative environmental impact.

Lancer parts and equipment are manufactured to meet national and international agency requirements for sanitation and electrical safety. We comply with the standards of UL, NSF, ETL, CE, EMC, Low Lead and are RoHS compliant. Additionally, we support a sustainable environment by utilizing Non-HCFC, Non-HFC, zero GWP and zero ODP insulation materials.

These are only a few things we’re doing to help contribute to environmentally sound, sustainable solutions. When you and your customers are having drinks from a Lancer dispenser, you’re helping too.

Above all, thanks for being a responsible Lancer customer!