Kitchen Innovation Award & NRA Show 2019

17 mai 2019
Lancer Corporation’s TwinPourTM is a 2019 Kitchen Innovation awards recipient at NRA. Plus exciting new products, Lancer Link ™ - Data-Driven Dispensing and Spectra VTM Technology – Enabling you to Dispense a Wider Range of Beverages.

Lancer Corporation showcases TwinPour ™, a recipient of the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 Kitchen Innovation Award. This distinction recognizes products shown to significantly improve business operations. TwinPour ™ enables the pouring two drinks simultaneously, accommodates all ice types, and with 24 beverage brands and up to 8 bonus flavors, customers can choose from over 266 flavor combinations. Lancer, the San Antonio based company proves itself the leader in beverage dispensing fluidics. Join us for the awards ceremony, South Hall #2240V at 8:15am on May 18, 2019.

Lancer introduces their latest innovation in beverage dispensing solutions, Lancer Link™, at the National Restaurant Association Show® in Chicago, Illinois from May 19 to May 21, 2019.

The newly launched Lancer Link™ is a software solution to expand the capabilities of Lancer beverage dispensers and facilitate the operation and management of equipment. The tool connects Lancer Link™ enabled beverage dispensers to create a network of smart machines, each easily and securely accessible from a dashboard.

Lancer Link™ streamlines operations by providing centralized access to crucial information like equipment health and maintenance status. The intuitive interface displays information like syrup consumption levels and sends maintenance notifications to maximize dispenser performance.

Lancer Link™ further enhances business operations by providing insightful data about consumer activity, unlocking the power of data analytics to drive sales. Key metrics like a performance breakdown by location and beverage type facilitate strategic decision making and enable data-driven dispensing.

Lancer’s Spectra VTM Technology, the innovation inside that dispenses a wider range of beverages. Our new technology enables high viscosity products, expands high ratio mixtures, and dispenses alternative beverages. Allowing you to serve a wider range of beverages.

About Lancer Corporation – For over fifty years, Lancer Corporation has engineered high quality beverage dispensing technologies, securing the company’s position as a globally recognized leader in the beverage dispensing industry. Lancer consistently demonstrates engineering expertise, a sharp focus on innovation, and a passionate commitment to help businesses “Pour More Profits.”

For more information about Lancer Corporation, Twin Pour ™, Lancer Link ™ Spectra VTM Technology, or other Lancer products visit While at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) visit us in our main booth, North Hall #6212, or in the Kitchen Innovation Booth, South Hall #2240V.
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