What's New With Lancer - TwinPour

20 novembre 2018
What’s New at Lancer:
Lancer Corporation introduces TwinPour - our new beverage dispenser that serves TWO customers at a time in just 44 inches. Lancer’s TwinPour has dual-dispensing areas, each with their own ability to pour custom flavors and ice. TwinPour accommodates all ice types, serving 24 beverage brands and 8 bonus flavors. Two customers can choose from over 266 flavor combinations…all in 44 inches…all at the same time.

Our new TwinPour serves more customers in less space than traditional beverage dispensers, allowing customers to pour their beverages twice as fast and operators to generate faster profits. Retailers and food service operators had a need to serve more beverage brands with less equipment in less counterspace. TwinPour is the answer.
Special Features and How It Works:
Lancer proprietary FluidicFlow™ valves provide a blending solution for bonus flavors and ensures there is no flavor transfer, for the best possible drink. TwinPour accommodates all ice types with 312-pound ice capability.
Our patented technology is uniquely combined in our TwinPour. Lancer Multi-Flavor Technology has a faster flow-rate and the valves can be serviced independently, even though they are all within one dispenser. That means less hassle when servicing. Thirsty customers pick and pour their beverages faster, their way. Our FlavorTouch™ technology allows customers to use both pour points at the same time with touchscreen capabilities, minimal steps, and faster speed of service with premium product quality.
Lancer’s TwinPour is durable, customer friendly, and operator friendly. TwinPour is made from heavy duty stainless steel construction, and provides 30 inches of LED lite merchandising space. Want a video merchandiser? You can upgrade your merchandiser to a 32-inch LCD monitor with full HD video capabilities.
Whether you use chewable ice or cubed ice, carbonated, still, or alternative beverages – or all of the above – our new TwinPour pours it all. TwinPour delivers faster speed of service, ultimately resulting in more profits for our customers. Click the link below to learn more about our customer centric TwinPour and how you can Pour More Profits with Lancer.
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