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Serve TWO
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With the TwinPour you can serve TWO customers at a time, while accommodating ALL ICE types and providing 266 flavor combinations.

Where other dispensers only serve one customer at a time, the TwinPour serves two – from its two dispensing areas, each with their own ability to pour custom flavors. The Lancer TwinPour has a large capacity ice bin that reliably dispenses two ice types at the same time, or provides more ice.

Lancer’s proprietary FluidicFlow™ dispensing ensures there is no flavor transfer, for the best possible drink. The 44-inch TwinPour satisfies double the consumers in less space than a traditional beverage dispenser. This allows customers to get their beverages twice as fast.



  • Dispenses any kind of extruded or cubed ice without a change to the equipment
  • User friendly right and left hand ice dispensers allow TWO customers at a time
  • Customers can choose between 24-beverage brands and 8 bonus flavors, creating over 266 flavor combinations
  • FlavorTouch™ feature allows customers to utilize both pour points at the same time for better speed of service
  • Standard merchandiser provides 30 inches of LED lite space or you can upgrade to a 32-inch LCD merchandiser with full HD video capabilities
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction throughout

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