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Efficient Ice Dispensers

Whether you’re in need of an ice dispenser for your restaurant or a self-serve beverage station, Lancer carries different size models to suit your needs. As with all of our products, you can count on a superior level of quality that will ensure ease-of-use and durability. Small businesses, busy food service locations, and everyone in between can ensure our ice dispensers are the perfect way to make sure your customers always enjoy ice cold beverages!

The Details

From chewable ice options to illuminated front panels that will add a professional and eye-catching look to your dispenser, we’ve taken the time to focus on the details. You’ll always enjoy full insulation on all of our dispensers to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment. Some other convenient features include water dispensers, high capacity drip trays and low-ice indicator lights. You can also order an ice chest to provide efficient and clean storage for your ice.

Upgrade Your Set-Up

Many business owners don’t realize what a difference upgrading their ice beverage dispenser or ice cooled drop in can make. Our technology and features make it easy for employees to do their jobs more efficiently, and we’ve paved the way for self-serve stations that are no-hassle. Don’t let your business get left in the dust – upgrade to one of our dispensers today!

Learn More

Detailed information about all of our dispensers can be found right here on our website, including specific dimensions and weight specifications. Be sure to check out the downloadable spec sheets if you’d like more detailed information on any of our ice dispenser units.

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